Step 1 of 4: online Application

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Complete our online application form by clicking one of the application forms below. Be sure to fill in the correct application for the program you want to attend. Before you start read the important information below about how to fill in the application form.  It could save you time and headaches filling in the application if you do.

Very Important:  You cannot save an incomplete application form and come back and finish it later!  When you start the application form it has be completed at that time.  

  • There are two short essay quesitons on the application.  We suggest you write your essays before starting the applicaiton, and then copy and paste your essays into the relevant sections
  • Set aside about 15-20 minutes to complete your application form if you've already written your application essays.
  • Set aside about 1hr if you're going to write your essays at the same time you do your application.  

Essay Question 1: Write a brief statement of your Christian faith or spiritual journey. Describe the significance of your Christian faith or spiritual journey in your everyday life. Reference your involvement in a local church, and give examples of opportunities you have had for Christian witness and service. Length 2 pages. We suggest that you write your essay in a word processor like Microsoft Word and then paste it into the form.

Essay Question 2:  Describe your interest in CCSP. Include factors that have drawn you to this program as well as potential contributions you hope to make in academic, interpersonal, and community settings. Discuss how your career and larger life goals are related to this experience. Length 2 pages. We suggest that you write your essay in a word processor like Microsoft Word and then paste it into the form.

  • The application includes a $55 non-refunadabe application fee that you can pay online by credit card.
  • VERY IMPORTANT:  You will also have to complete your own school's application form to study abroad in addition to CCSP's application form.  Contact your school's study abroad office, or your registrar, to obtain a copy of your school's application form to study abroad.

New Zealand Application


Step 2 of 4: School VerificatioN


Download the School Verification Form and have the appropriate official at your school complete the form.  This certifies that your school permits you to attend CCSP, and to get course credit for your classes.

Mail us the original signed document, but while we are waiting we can work with a faxed, or scanned & e-mailed copy of the School Verification Form.  Send faxes to 909-498-7329, and e-mails to

Mailing Address: PO Box 2501, Julian CA 92036.


Step 3 of 4: References

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CCSP needs the three references, all of which can be completed online. There are separate New Zealand and Belize reference forms, so please make sure your references fill in the form for the program that you are applying for. Select the people to be your references, then direct them to where they can fill their reference forms out online. Note, these references are confidential and will not be shared with you.

Your student life reference is to be done by your Resident Assistant, Resident Director, or Dean of Student Life.

Your personal reference is to be done a non-family member who has known you a minimum of two years, e.g., an employer, college pastor, coach, etc..).

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Visit your school registrar's office and arrange for them to send us via regular mail (or online if your school offers that service) an official copy of your latest transcript.


What to Expect Next

CCSP will consider your application as soon as it is complete, so the sooner you get your application in the sooner we can let you know if you're accepted into the program.  We strongly encourage you, therefore, to send in your application well before the application deadline.