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A semester in the culturally rich and environmentally breathtaking country of Belize offers CCSP students a mind-blowing learning experience!  CCSP's tropical campus on the Macal River is home to toucans, iguanas, leaf-cutter ants, and much more.  From snorkeling inches above brilliant coral reefs and studying the verdant tropical rainforest, to undertaking internships specailizing in public health, biological research, agriculture, or whatever your major interest may be, CCSP students consider more fully the nexus of biblical faith, justice, ecology, and sustainable development. 

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New Zealand

Nestled beneath the mighty Kaikoura mountain range, yet only one mile from the Pacific Ocean, CCSP's New Zealand program offers students an amazing and unique semester experience!  By exploring New Zealand's unique culture, beautiful forests, mountain glaciers and abundant marine life (includling sperm whales, dolphins, and seals), CCSP students gain new and exciting perspectives on the nexus of biblical faith, ecology and justice in leading sustainable lifestyles.

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